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Mikel Gainzarain

Design and coordination of digital projects.

Business Strategy

I help focus the digital business and discover opportunities. I also help in the digital transition of a business, and the alternatives depending on the needs.

Digital Design.

Design from the brand image to the UX / interface, always with great planning and professionalism.

Guild Contractor.

I recruit the right professionals and studios to carry out the project from start to finish: engineers, programmers, community managers, seo …



Actively. I want to know your version of the story, where you are and where you want to go.


Research the market: similar, different, antagonistic products. I make a first approximation.


Search for suppliers and travel companions, resources and different ways of carrying out the project. 


To take a first step, we need a guide, where our priorities, values and illusions are established.


When I start to implement the project, I always do it with you, side by side. In addition, I coordinate the unions involved in the process.


The moment comes when one is satisfied with the product that is put on the market. But this is not the end. We start to use the senses again.

Proyects, clients, and sidekicks

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